National Joe Day

Post of National Joe Day

These days it seems like there is a national day for everything; national buffet day, national punctuation day, and national melon day, just to name a few. Luckily, whoever is in charge of creating these days didn’t leave Mosquito Joe out!  This Sunday marks National Joe Day, and while it isn’t an official national holiday, it is widely celebrated each year on March 27th.

The exact origin of National Joe Day is a little fuzzy, but its roots are said to be Scottish.  “Joe” originally meant sweetheart or valentine, but has transformed over generations to its modern day use for the everyman or regular guy.  You’ve probably heard it used as Average Joe, Joe-schmo, or Regular Joe.  And who doesn’t like celebrating an underdog?

The typical way to celebrate National Joe Day is to call yourself and everyone else Joe or Josephina for the day.  If Joe is too boring, you can always spice it up a little bit by naming yourself after a famous Joe character like G.I. Joe or Joe Cool.  You can always take some inspiration from our Corporate staff’s nicknames that include Cup of Joe, Joe Money, and Joe Mama.  National Joe Day celebrations aren’t set in stone, so embrace your inner regular Joe and use these ideas to celebrate the day with us!

How to Celebrate National Joe Day

  1. Be Joe for a Day – As previously mentioned, most people celebrate by changing their name to Joe for a day.  You can even wear a name tag to help and encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to do the same!
  2. Buy a Cup of Joe – Since “joe” can also mean coffee, today is the perfect day to treat yourself and others to a brew.  Make sure you tell them the name for the order is Joe (it’s pretty hard to spell that wrong!)  If you’d like to go the extra mile, you can offer to pay for the next person in line.  Then you’ll be a generous Joe for the rest of the day!Joe Cool
  3. Become Joe Cool – If your day-to-day environment allows, you can dress up like Charles Schulz’s iconic character Joe Cool from the Peanuts comic strips.  Snoopy’s alter-ego was a hip college student known to wear sunglasses, a “Joe Cool” sweater, and refer to himself in the third person all day.  While it might be annoying to those around you, this could be a fun way to celebrate.
  4. Give a G.I. Joe Some Love – G.I. Joe became a popular term during World War II to refer to the regular soldier (Government Issued Joe).  Although there are national holidays dedicated to our soldiers, it’s never too often to recognize their service.  Whether you simply thank active service members and veterans for their sacrifices or you volunteer with a military organization, National Joe Day is a great opportunity to give a little nod to our men and women in uniform.

Of course, the best way to honor National Joe Day is to give your local Mosquito Joe a call, so we can help you enjoy your backyard all summer long.  We are looking forward to warm weather, sunshine, and getting those MoJo vans back out in your neighborhood, if they aren’t already there.  Let us know on Facebook how you celebrated the day.  Happy National Joe Day from Mosquito Joe!