Are Your Pets Crying for Freedom from Flea-dom?

Cat and puppy both scratching in the grass

Spring is the beginning of warmer days, longer nights, flowers blooming, and neighborhood barbeques. But you might not be thinking about the other season that creeps up as temperatures rise. Mosquito Joe season! (Also known as mosquito, flea and tick season.)  If you read our blog post highlighting ticks, you know tiny bugs can pack … Continue reading Are Your Pets Crying for Freedom from Flea-dom?

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Beware the Gallinippers!


In 1897 author David Flanery described an insect by saying it was “the shyest, sliest  meanest, and most venomous of all.” Unfortunately, he was not talking about something out of a horror film, he was describing a mosquito! Mega-mosquito, that is. The “gallinipper” is a floodwater mosquito with a body about half an inch long, making … Continue reading Beware the Gallinippers!

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We’re taking on mosquitoes nationwide!

Mosquito Joe article from the Virginian-Pilot

More and more people are learning about Mosquito Joe and we couldn’t be more excited.  (Did you see Mosquito Joe in the Virginian-Pilot earlier this month?) The work we have done in Hampton Roads over the past three years has been nothing less than rewarding – helping families and friends enjoy their time together outdoors … Continue reading We’re taking on mosquitoes nationwide!

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