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Mosquitoes have the notorious (and well deserved) reputation of being blood-sucking fiends. Swatting away those voracious and nettlesome pests is an aggravating and ubiquitous experience. But what you may not know is that only the female mosquito is out for your blood.

Female mosquitoes seek out a blood meal to obtain the nourishment necessary to lay eggs. So that begs the question, what do male mosquitoes eat? Let the insect experts at Mosquito Joe delve into this quandary and more!

Male vs. Female Mosquitoes

While it may seem that the only good mosquito is a squashed one, it’s true that we may not need to worry about male mosquitoes so much. Male and female mosquitoes do have some significant differences, including their diet, size, and appearance.

What Do Male Mosquitoes Eat?

Like all living creatures, mosquitoes require some form of sustenance in order to survive. Both male and female adult mosquitoes actually feed on nectar, plant sap, or honeydew for nourishment. Only the female mosquitoes require a blood meal, as it provides the necessary protein required for egg laying. Blood meals aside, males and females have the same diet.

How Big Are Male Mosquitoes?

Tiny though still nettlesome, the average adult mosquitoes are around 0.4 inches in size. Although males and females are very close in relative size, female mosquitoes are generally slightly larger. A female’s size will also expand if she has recently consumed blood, but this is only a temporary increase.

What Do Male Mosquitoes Look Like?

Similar in size and behavior to females, male mosquitoes are largely able to be discerned by their antennae. While the female has plain antennae, the male mosquito has feather-like antennae that are better attuned to picking up the wing beats of a potential mate. Additionally, the mouthparts of the male and female differ slightly. While both male and female mosquitoes have proboscises to feed, only the female is equipped with one designed to extract blood.

What To Do About Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Both male and female mosquitoes have similar diets and behaviors, but only the female requires a blood donation to survive and lay eggs. Boasting a slightly smaller size and requiring only nectar, sap, or honeydew for nourishment, the male mosquito is unlikely to be that pest hovering around your ear.

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