What Happens When a Mosquito Bites You?

Back view of man scratching a mosquito bite on his neck

Ouch! You feel the pinprick of a mosquito bite and swat at your minuscule tormentor. Next comes itching, skin irritation, and usually a lovely little raised bump. Being covered in these aggravating bumps can leave you annoyed and perhaps also curious. What happens when a mosquito bites you? How is your body reacting to this unwelcomed mosquito intrusion? Let the bug pros at Mosquito Joe answer all this and more!

What Happens When You Get a Mosquito Bite?

Mosquito bites as we think of them, the itchy red bumps that bother us for days after an evening bonfire or hike, are caused by compounds in the mosquito’s saliva and a corresponding histamine reaction within our bodies.

Prior to worrying about what happens when they do, you may ask, “Why do mosquitoes bite in the first place?” While mosquitoes are able to feed on nectar, sap, and honeydew to subsist, the female mosquito needs the nourishment that blood provides in order to lay eggs. That makes you a prime target for her necessary blood meal.

Once she has you acquired for her target, the female mosquito extends her narrow proboscis (equipped with a needlelike point) and pierces the skin, hoping to strike a blood vessel to extract blood. Once through the skin, the mosquito injects the host with a vasodilator through their saliva. This substance is intended to facilitate blood flow while they’re feeding.

How Does the Body Respond to a Mosquito Bite?

In response to this foreign substance, the body’s immune system creates histamines, which results in an itching sensation around the infection site. Your body recognizes the saliva from the mosquito as an intrusion and rushes white blood cells to the area, which manifests as a swelled and itchy bump – AKA a mosquito bite!

The good news is that the itching and swelling will usually dissipate within a day or so. Consult our tips on home remedies for mosquito bites for some helpful tricks on dealing with the itch in the meantime.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

So now that you know what happens when you get a mosquito bite, the better question may be how to prevent mosquito bites altogether.

While traditional mosquito repellents and bug sprays are a good start, you may be looking for a more comprehensive mosquito control plan. Call Mosquito Joe today at 1-855-275-2563 or request a quote online and let the pros minimize mosquito bites and maximize your outside backyard time!