Why Do Mosquitoes Exist?

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The obnoxious drone of a mosquito in your ear. The itch and swell of a bite on your arm. The spread of disease. Are mosquitoes good for anything other than this? In fact, why do mosquitoes exist? 

While it may seem that these bugs are just menaces, they do fit into the larger ecosystem. Learn about a mosquito’s role and the reasons scientists and pest control specialists work to eliminate some types.  

What Is the Point of Mosquitoes?

Like other insects, mosquitoes are part of the food chain. Fish, frogs, turtles, and aquatic insects eat mosquito nymphs. Birds, bats, spiders, and other animals eat adult mosquitoes. Some species of mosquitoes are also pollinators. These insects can carry diseases, which is certainly a negative “point” of their existence.  

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How Long Have Mosquitoes Existed?

These insects have existed for 100 to 200 million years. Many types of mosquitoes have been preserved in amber, allowing humans to study their prehistoric existence. To put it simply, they’re extremely resilient!  

Why Do Scientists and Pest Control Experts Try to Eliminate Mosquitoes?

Why do humans want to kill mosquitoes in some cases? Well, they want to reduce the types of mosquitoes that cause significant harm to humankind. More than 400 species of mosquitoes carry devastating diseases like dengue and malaria. That’s why there are global scientific efforts to control mosquitoes like Aedes aegypti, using biotechnology and other suppression techniques.  

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What Would Happen If Mosquitoes Went Extinct?

If mosquitoes went extinct all at once, there would likely be noticeable consequences for the broader ecosystem. Many animals would need to adapt their food sources quickly. However, a mass extinction of all types of mosquitoes is highly improbable. Gradual extinctions are marked by ongoing adaptation of the ecosystem, which is the more probable scenario if mosquitoes were to die off. In other words: When an extinction is gradual, other life forms find a way to keep going.  

Mosquitoes Make Bad Neighbors

Mosquitoes have a purpose, but that doesn’t mean you have to be neighbors. You can control mosquitoes in your yard to reduce your chances of contracting vector-borne illnesses and to enjoy your property itch-free. You can do this by manually removing mosquito habitats (e.g., standing water) and by contacting your local Mosquito Joe®. Learn about our mosquito barrier spray treatments, and book online or call 1-855-275-2563 to get started.  


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