How to Keep Mosquitoes Away While Sitting Outside

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Picture this: It’s a beautiful evening, and you have family and friends over. Suddenly, you hear that distinctive low buzz. A few minutes later, a spot on your arm starts itching. Unfortunately, your evening’s been disrupted by a familiar occurrence: You’ve been bitten by a mosquito.

As we all know, mosquitoes are one of the most annoying pests. They can quickly ruin almost any outdoor activity.. Not only do they disturb outdoor events and decrease comfort at home, but they also carry diseases like West Nile, Zika, and Triple E, all of which have the potential to impact your health. But nobody said you just have to sit there and take it. This article will explain how to keep mosquitoes away while sitting outside. It’s time to take back your outdoor fun, so let’s get right to it!

10 Secrets to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Outdoor Spaces

How to keep mosquitoes away from your patio, yard, and other outdoor spaces is all about knowing what mosquitoes like, and don’t like. Here are our 10 best methods for keeping mosquitoes away from your good time.

1. Wear Tightly Woven, Light-Colored Clothes

When the weather is warm, you want to wear clothes that won’t have you melting in the sun. Loose-fitting clothes are usually the preferred option. But when mosquitoes are lurking around your yard, that’s not really the best option. When mosquitoes are on the hunt it’s better to wear tight, light-colored clothing.

Why? Well, a mosquito will have difficulty penetrating clothing with thick layers. Furthermore, they are attracted to dark colors like black, blue, or navy. Do your best to wear lighter colors so they don’t come looking for you.

2. Eliminate Stagnant Water

While rain may help to cool things off on a hot day, it also increases standing water, which is a big no-no when it comes to mosquito prevention. Mosquitoes love standing water as much as some kids love chocolate. They lay eggs and make nests around the area, increasing their population.

Inspect your yard to see if there are any puddles or standing water. You can use a broom, bucket, or pail to disperse the water.

3. Use Specialized Mosquito Traps

Sometimes, no matter what you do, it seems impossible to rid your property of mosquitoes. But don’t blame yourself; they’re tricky pests! You may need to employ sophisticated methods to rid your property of mosquitoes. One approach is to use specialized mosquito traps.

These devices lure female mosquitoes (the only ones that bite) before they get ready to lay their eggs. Once the mosquito enters the trap, its body is covered in a poison that it then unknowingly carries around. This affects other mosquitoes and eggs, disrupting their life cycle and reducing their population in your yard.

4. Install an Automatic Mosquito Misting System

Invest in an automatic mosquito misting system if you’re looking for a more powerful solution to your mosquito problem. It’s an ideal mosquito control solution for outside areas.

As the name indicates, the system is automatic, so you don’t have to do anything. Once it’s set up. These devices can be set up to release a mosquito repellent at specific intervals, according to your liking, killing any pests that might be around.

5. Plant Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Most insects love plants because they can feed and relax on the leaves. However, certain plants can have adverse effects on mosquitoes and keep them away from your yard. That’s because mosquitoes dislike the smell of essential oil as much as we dislike their presence. The best plants to help repel these pests include:

  • Lavender
  • Lemon Grass
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Sage

6. Change Your Lighting

Did you know that your lighting can affect mosquitoes? If you have standard light bulbs, mosquitoes will likely be flocking around that area, especially at night, as they use that light to search for food.

This doesn’t mean you have to sit in the dark to keep mosquitoes at bay. Instead, you can install some UV lights in areas where people gather. This lighting is less attractive to mosquitoes, which will help reduce their numbers.

7. Light Citronella Candles

Most bugs don’t like fire because it can kill them instantly. When fire is paired with a powerful scent, the result is an effective mosquito repellent. That is why citronella is so widely used to combat these pests.

It gives off a powerful smell that most bugs—namely mosquitoes—don’t love. So, if you plan on sitting outside, light a few of these candles to enjoy your evening in peace.

8. Avoid Peak Mosquito Hours When You Can

If it seems like there’s a mosquito waiting to bite you whenever you spend time outdoors, take note of the time of day that you’re going outside.

Mosquitoes are most active during sunrise and sunset because mosquitoes don’t like to be outside during the hottest part of the day.To enjoy your backyard, try heading outdoors when the sun is at its peak. Seek a shady spot and have some hydration handy. You may be a little warmer, but your chances of encountering mosquitoes will be less.

9. Spray Hydrogen Peroxide

Does hydrogen peroxide repel mosquitoes? The short answer is yes, it does. It’s an affordable mosquito-repellant hack you can use when you don’t have other options. If you’ve been wondering how to keep mosquitoes away from patio furniture, use a spray bottle to apply the solution to your patio furniture and other areas where mosquitoes frequent. This will help keep mosquitoes away for a short period and can kill any eggs they may have laid in the process.

Make the Outdoors Fun Again!

Now that you know how to keep mosquitoes away while sitting outside, it’s time to put it all to work. While not every method we mentioned will be effective in every situation, it’s important to remember that keeping mosquitoes away from your outdoor fun requires a proactive approach. One of the best and most effective ways to keep mosquitoes from ruining your outdoor activities is with the help of experts like Mosquito Joe®.

We know bugs and the best ways to keep them away from your outdoor areas. Our services are designed to eliminate mosquitoes and other pests so you can enjoy the time you spend on your patio, in your pool, or enjoying your backyard. And with work that’s backed by the Neighborly Done Right Promise™, you can rest assured the job will be done right the first time. To learn more or to get started, request a free quote today!