Mosquito Repellant Coils: Do They Work?

Post of Mosquito Repellant Coils: Do They Work?

Nothing ruins a fun backyard get-together quicker than mosquitoes. They are annoying and can also transmit diseases that are harmful to both humans and pets. One-way homeowners can combat this outdoor onslaught is to install Mosquito repellant coils. These coils are some of the most common products homeowners buy to deter mosquitoes. These coils, which smolder and emit smoke repel mosquitoes from the area, have a few drawbacks you should consider.

Do Mosquito Coils Work?

Mosquito coils are flattened coils that contain ingredients that repel mosquitos and components that bind it all together and help it burn at a slow, steady rate. Most mosquito coils are pyrethrin-based, though others contain citronella oil or a blend of repellent ingredients.

The coils work like incense. You either hang the coil or attach it to a stake in a secure location, then light the end. The coil burns slowly, from the outer edge to the center, emitting smoke that will either confuse or eliminate mosquitoes, depending on the type of coil used.

But do mosquito coils work? The smoke emitted from the coils can be effective, but very limited. The coils only cover a small area, and if it’s breezy, the smoke will drift away, leaving you unprotected.

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Are Mosquito Coils Harmful to Health?

While the components of mosquito coils are all-natural, it’s still valid to wonder about the overall safety of using them. There have been a few studies that have focused on the mosquito coil’s harmful effects.

Here are some of the top mosquito coil safety concerns for humans and pets:

  • One study published in Environmental Health Perspectives indicated that some of the most popular brands of mosquito coils give off smoke that contains known or possible carcinogens, including formaldehyde.
  • The same study notes that the fine and ultra-fine particulate matter in the smoke can irritate the eyes, nose, and lungs.
  • Mosquito coils can also be a fire hazard. Almost every year there are news stories about fires resulting from unattended mosquito coils or coils that have been knocked onto flammable items. If you have kids and pets, you know how easily things can get bumped into and knocked over.

While mosquito coils can be effective for repelling mosquitoes, other options are just as, if not more, effective. Covering as much exposed skin as possible, planting naturally mosquito-repellent plants, such as citronella and lemongrass, and using protective items like screen tents can help.

Your local Mosquito Joe offers natural barrier sprays that are the easiest solution to your mosquito problem. They help keep mosquitoes away for up to 30 days, giving you peace of mind and more time to enjoy the outdoors.

Mosquito Solutions for Your Yard

Enjoying some backyard time while keeping your family and pets itch-free and safe from mosquitoes is possible. Your local Mosquito Joe is ready to help with both traditional treatments and natural barrier treatments that can help make the outdoors fun again! To get started, call us at 1-855-274-2563 or request a quote online today.