Can Ticks Survive in Water?

Tick crawling on a leaf.

Ticks can be a problematic insect that transmits the disease to both animals and humans. They are also resourceful, adaptable insects that can withstand temperature fluctuations and other environmental changes that would kill many other insects. But are ticks super insects? Are they capable of surviving the most extreme conditions, like being submerged in water … Continue reading Can Ticks Survive in Water?

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How Many Times Can a Mosquito Bite You?

Woman scratching the back of her neck with several mosquito bites

Many of us, at one time or another, have attended an event or outdoor activity and arrived home to discover we have multiple mosquito bites to show for our outdoor fun. However, what we don’t know is, was our itchy affliction caused by one, or multiple mosquitoes? Can one mosquito bite multiple times or is … Continue reading How Many Times Can a Mosquito Bite You?

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What Is the Biggest Mosquito in the World?

Road sign showing a mosquito on a tree

Have you ever wondered what mosquitoes were like when dinosaurs roamed the earth? Were they like everything else during that time, giant flying fortresses that were capable of carrying off unsuspecting prey? Or have mosquitoes always been small, annoying pests that prey on their victims under the cover of darkness? Well, some 46 million years … Continue reading What Is the Biggest Mosquito in the World?

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