Making the Most of Your Spray

It’s pretty common knowledge that mosquitoes like warm weather and water, so it is easy to think of their habitats being restricted to the southern and coastal regions. However, those living in other mosquito-prone areas know that this is not the case. Mosquitoes don’t limit themselves to recognized havens for skeeters, like Texas or Florida. They also show up every year in places like snowy Michigan, the fields of Oklahoma, and even the deserts of Arizona. No matter where you live, mosquito control is important.

The best solution for keeping mosquitoes out of your yard is to call in an expert, like Mosquito Joe, who specializes in mosquito elimination services. But if you’re not ready to make that move just yet, we want to arm you with some key tips to make sure you aren’t hosting places mosquitoes love to hang out in your yard. Whether you’re looking to get the most out of a mosquito treatment program you’re already on or you’re just starting your mosquito combat education, these tips will help you battle the blood-thirsty pests flying around your yard:

  • Mosquitos breed in standing water, so regularly empty ponds, bird baths, fountains, plant pots, buckets, barrels, tarps, kids toys, pet water dishes or anywhere else that water may gather.
  • Clean out gutters to avoid standing water – examine them for clots and damage that would cause water to collect.
  • Drill holes in tire swings, trash cans or recycle bins so water drains out.
  • Use soil to fill in low areas in lawns and landscaped areas where rainwater may collect and stand for more than seven days.
  • Keep swimming pools clean, properly circulated and filtered. Keep children’s wading pools empty and on their sides when they aren’t being used.
  • Repair leaky outdoor faucets.
  • Cut grass and shrubs short, as adult mosquitoes gather to rest in shady, cool areas. Keep your yard weed-free and avoid overgrown vegetation.

Be sure to check our website often as new Mosquito Joe locations are popping up all over the country! And if we haven’t made it to your area yet, why not be the MoJo (and hero) of your neighborhood? Franchises are available nationwide.

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Are Mosquitoes on Your Guest List?

Memorial Day weekend is a cause for both celebration and remembrance. As we all fire up our grills, uncover our pools, and dust off those beach chairs to welcome the unofficial start to summer, it is also a time to remember those that gave their lives so that we could enjoy these freedoms. Memorial Day, which is observed on the last Monday of May, commemorates the men and women who died while in the military service.

Here are a few ways you can celebrate the patriotism of the day:

  • Have a picnic with family and friends and talk about what Memorial Day means to you.
  • Venture to a parade or memorial service locally. For a listing of Click here.
  • Participate in a National Moment of Remembrance at 3 p.m. local time to pause and think about the true meaning of the day.
  • Throw an informal barbecue with all the fixings. Have guests don patriotic gear and fly the American flag.

Whatever you do, remember that mosquitoes don’t have to be on your guest list as you and your family and friends celebrate Memorial Day. Let Mosquito Joe ensure your Memorial Day celebrations are itch-free. Give us a call today and set up your special event barrier spray treatment before it is too late! Use us one time, or continue with us all summer – with no contracts required and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the choice is yours!

We wish everyone a fabulous holiday weekend as we honor and remember all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.

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Can you imagine entertaining, playing and spending leisure time in a mosquito-free yard? No medicinal candles, no sticky sprays, no slapping necessary.  You take your dinner out to the patio and enjoy it…without a net over the plate.

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Did Your Mom Lie to You?

I am one of those incredibly fortunate people (insert sarcasm here) who gets eaten alive by mosquitoes any time I go outside in the spring or summer. My legs start to look like I have chicken pox and the welts get so big that they end up joining forces to create even bigger welts. It’s disgusting, really, but it’s been like that as long as I can remember and the only solace I ever got from being the one the mosquitoes picked on was my mom telling me it was because I was sweet.  And she’s pretty much a scientist (Dr. Zerda), so she must know, right? Did your mom ever tell you that?  I may have believed her back then but I’m older and wiser now so it’s time to get to the bottom of this myth and determine if my mom was lying to me…

First you should know, it’s only the female mosquitoes that bite.  They are the vampires of the mosquito world – they want your blood. They need a meal of blood in order to get the protein and  nutrients to produce eggs. But how do they select their prey? It turns out there is some element of truth to your “sweetness” being attractive, but it’s not your sweet personality that’s drawing them to you. It’s the sweet aromas they’re detecting: your sweet perfume, cologne, deodorant or shampoo.

But beyond the sweet, mosquitoes are attracted to other scents and substances, many less appealing to the human nose than the aforementioned examples.  Carbon dioxide is the primary driver to finding their prey, but mosquitoes also like sweat, lactic acid, uric acid and a chemical called octenol. They often find bigger people more attractive because they are larger targets and they produce more mosquito attractants, namely carbon dioxide and lactic acid. Active or fidgety people also produce more carbon dioxide and lactic acid so they’re also on the hit list. Beyond that, women are a more likely target than men because of the difference in hormones we produce. And apparently blondes tend to be more attractive to mosquitoes than brunettes. I thought blondes were supposed to be the ones who had more fun but I guess not in mosquito-infested areas. Despite preferring lighter hair, mosquitoes like dark clothing. And finally, smelly feet and Limburger cheese will also bring the mosquitoes around.

For me, I’m going to stick to the idea that it’s my sweet personality (or maybe my deodorant) that attracts the mosquitoes and I’m going to be thankful that there are great mosquito control solutions out there to keep my skin in tact.  If you’re finding yourself or someone in your household to be a prime target this spring or summer make sure you call Mosquito Joe to learn about the options you have to get rid of mosquitoes around your home so you can enjoy being outside again (without needing Mom’s sweet words to make up for your discomfort). Think it sounds too good to be true? Call us and give it a shot. We are so confident in our services that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so what are you waiting for?

Sources: Mosquito Control Association; photo