Backyard Movie Nights – A Great Way to Bond with Neighbors

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Having a sense of community in your neighborhood is incredibly important. But with so many options for entertainment, it can be difficult to get people out of the house and gather them together for fun and camaraderie. Many people don’t even know their neighbors, which isn’t conducive to a safe, cohesive neighborhood.  

One of the best ways to get people together and get them to socialize is to put together a backyard movie night. Everyone loves a movie outdoors, and it’s a great chance to give everyone an excuse to mingle and create that sense of community. Here are a few things you should know before your first backyard movie night.  

Advantages of Knowing Your Neighbors 

There are a lot of advantages to knowing your neighbors and understanding who they are as people. Not only can it give you that sense of togetherness and community, it can also provide some practical advantages. Some of the benefits of having a good relationship with the people living in your neighborhood include: 

  • Extra security  
  • Know who you can depend on  
  • Know who is coming and going  
  • Community feeling  
  • Find shared interests  

One of the best ways to get to know your neighbors is to put on a backyard movie night with drinks and snacks. This way, you can get everyone together and give them a chance to get to know one another. It can really bring the whole neighborhood together.  

Preparing Your Yard 

Prepping your yard should be your first step before your backyard movie night. Be sure to trim back any vegetation like shrubs, bushes, and trees, and to cut the grass to somewhere between two and three inches tall. Not only will this keep everyone comfortable and reduce the risk of people getting caught on branches, it will also keep pests like mosquitoes and rodents from nesting and ruining the event.  

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Setting Up Your Theater 

After trimming back your yard, you will need to get your theater setup put together. Decide whether you want to use your backyard or front yard based on how private you want the event to be. You can then figure out what to use for a screen. This could be something as simple as a white sheet, or you can opt for an inexpensive metal-frame outdoor movie screen.  

The equipment you use will also be very important. You can use a simple smartphone projector and speaker setup, or you can invest in a more expensive mini projector with a laptop. If you are interested in doing this kind of event more than once, it might be best to spend a little more money and get a more reliable projector.  

Choosing a Movie 

The movie you choose for your backyard movie night will depend on your audience. If you are going to have adults only, you can reasonably expect that everyone will be okay with something rated PG-13. For kids, family-friendly films are going to be your best bet. Either way, try to avoid any controversial themes or violence and try to settle on something that everyone can relax with and enjoy. Popular classic films like Casablanca or Singing in the Rain are always a good option.  

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Preventing Uninvited Guests 

Bugs like mosquitoes and ticks can quickly ruin your backyard movie night. Mosquito Joe can help you make sure the event is comfortable for everyone involved and that the night is fun for your guests. Barrier treatments or even special event treatments can help prevent pests and keep your backyard safe and relaxing. Call or contact your local Mosquito Joe today.