Keeping Your Pets Safe In The Heat

Post of Keeping Your Pets Safe In The Heat

The first day of August is here! I can’t believe this summer is flying by as quickly as it is. Last week I took my dog in for her annual checkup at the vet, and I noticed a big poster on the wall about the dangers of leaving your pet in the car during the months that are hot. As we make our way into one of the hottest months of the year, it got me thinking about other things in the summer that can be harmful (and irritating) to our pets.

When the temperature goes up, the insects come out. That’s not new news, but the amount of fleas and ticks that summer brings could be. The ideal temperature for these pet problems are between 70-90 degrees. That’s generally a typical summer day for most parts of the country. Fleas and ticks also require high humidity level around 70% which increases the chance for large amounts of the insects in areas like the Southeast of the US.

Ticks find their hosts by detecting animals´ breath and body odors, or by sensing body heat and moisture, all of which are upped during the summer months and fleas, well…they’ll jump to find you. You get the picture. Hot = fleas and ticks. To make sure your pet is safe this summer here are some tips to keep them cool, hydrated, and and itch free this summer.

  • If dogs or cats must be outside, make sure they have an adequate supply of water.
  • If they are tied to a unmovable object, make sure shade is in their reach.
  • Never leave your dog alone in the car (even with the windows down) during the summer months. We love seeing pictures of our customers
  • Make sure you have your cats and dogs on a flea and tick prevention program year round.
  • Mosquito Joe barrier treatments help protect against fleas and ticks and set up a perimeter around your yard, keeping them out.

We love seeing pictures of our customers (two legged or four legged) so if you have plans that involve getting out in your yard with your pet this weekend, we’d love to see pictures. Send them to [email protected] and you may be featured on our Facebook page or in a future blog post! We hope you enjoy your weekend!