National Joe Day

Post of National Joe Day

Here at Mosquito Joe, we are very partial to all things Joe. When people ask “So, who is Joe?” we just smile. Possibly derived from the Scottish word jo or joe, meaning sweetheart, “joe” refers to the regular guy or the common man. I tend to disagree a little there. Our Mosquito Joe team consists of a lot of “Joe’s” who wear a lot of hats. Head Joe (our CEO) is our fearless leader, GI Joe (our Director of Operations) is our franchisee’s go-to-person for questions when it comes to well, operating their business. Cup of Joe (our Director of Marketing) makes sure you all recognize our logo and the name Mosquito Joe. Numbers Joe makes sure our bills get paid, Mama Joe runs our local operations (and generally takes care of all of us), and Joe Dee and Joe Cool are the ones you talk to if you’re interested in a franchise. And me? I love being Social Joe, keeping you all updated on all things, you guessed it, Joe.

Well, today is National Joe Day which means we’re celebrating the Joe’s around here who make this company awesome and are far from a regular Joe; that includes all of our wonderful Joe’s across the country. We love making outside fun again and bringing Joe to all of your neighborhoods. How can you celebrate National Joe Day? Here are a few perfect ideas:

We are looking forward to warm weather, sunshine, and getting those MoJo vans back out in your neighborhood, if they aren’t already there. Happy National Joe Day from Mosquito Joe!